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Chad Reed training on Ronnie Macs bike

Here we have some raw footage where another pro is trying out the 69 horsepower of Ronnie Macs 2 stroke motocross hammer. One of the best bikes on the planet :)

Ricky Carmichael vs Ronnie Mac

Their beef startet on twitter and got heatet up more and more the nearer the race came. Finally they had to race each other. Here it is :)

Ronnie Mac shredding in Canada

We haven’t seen him for a while- Ronnie Mac is still riding and showing how to ride a real dirtbike. Hopefully we see him win the Red Bull Straight Rythm this year :)

Ronnie Mac and Trevor Piranha at Pastranaland

Two of the best Motoscross, Supercross and Freestyle dirtbike rider’s in history, show up at Pastranaland with their factory twostrokes and show Mr Pastrana how to ride a dirtbike :)