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Aldon Baker Supercross training facility

Have a look at the place where Marvon Musquin, Jason Anderson and the other riders under Aldons programm are training. Villopoto and Roczen also inside.

Baker’s Factory Tour

Aldon Baker is showing his huge training facility to the racerX team and tells about his plans and goals for the future. His current rider’s are Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin and jason Anderson.

2016 Supercross chasing the dream: Episode 2

In this episode we get some information about Chad Reed, Ken Roczen and one of the greatest ever Ricky Carmichael :)

2016 Supercross chasing the dream: Episode 1

Watch the first episode of 2016 Supercross chasing the dream series. Big talking by Ryan Dungey and some other top riders ad trainers.