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Get ready for 2018 Supercross

Just one day and the waiting comes to an end. The 2018 Supercross season is finally starting tomorow :)

2018 Supercross Preview Show: #250Class

This year the 3 experts are talking about the 250 class for the first time. Hill, Savatgy, Craig, Martin and Osborne inside. I hope AC shows this year that he also has to be on this list of contenders.

2018 Supercross Preview Show: #Changes

In this episode the three guys (Matthes isn’t inside) are talking about the changes in Monster Energy Supercross in 2018. Some things are really different.

Team Honda HRC ready for 2018

All eyes on Roczen. The question in supercross is not IF a rider will crash, the question is WHEN. I hope is arm is strong enough to take a hit. Time for A1 to come :)

2018 Supercross Preview Show: #MysteryMen

Only two weeks left till anaheim 1. Here we have the RacerX Crew talking about some guys they don’t expect to win nor even show up. James Stewart, Malcolm, Reed, Barcia and Millsaps.

2018 Motocross Motivation

Get ready for 2018. Here we have a little motivation video for everybody who loves the sport :)

2018 Supercross Preview Show: #ContendersWanted

Second episode of the 2018 RacerX Supercross Preview Show. Baggett, Wilson Webb, Tickle and Seely inside. Webb has something to prove this year. I think Baggett and Seely will be strong in 2018.

Zach Osborne – Innermost

Zach had the best year in his carrier so far and won two championships and lot’s of motos. He proved, that he was the fastest on a 250 in 2017. Here is a big video about him.

Ken Roczen: Road to Recovery

2 Videos inside. In the first one he talks about his way back from his bad injury and the second show him training for the 2018 supercross season. Hoepefully he does well the upcoming season…

2018 Supercross Preview Show: #Whosnext?

Still a few weeks till anaheim 1. Here we have the RacerX Crew talking about who will be the next guy to win a supercross championship. Anderson, Roczen, Musquin and Tomac are guys who have no supercross title in the