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Motocross Motivation 2019

Not much racing these days. Here we have days. Here we have some videos to motivate you for the upcoming action in 2019 :)

Jeffrey Herlings Sand Practice

Fastest sandrider on the planet. Here we have some footage of Jeffrey Herlings training on a sandy track. Insane corner speed.

MX World Season 1 Episode 5

The topic of this episode is called: The Godfather’s Disciple. Herlings vs Cairoly in 2018. Cairolis girl is from the same country as Herlings.

Paris Supercross 2018 Press Day

Here we have some footage of this years supercross from Paris. Jason Anderson and some other fast amaricans inside.

MX World Season 1 Episode 3

The topic of this episode is called: Going Global. Herlings and Cairoly and some other dudes inside :)

MX World Season 1 Episode 2

MXGP family affairs. Big inside view on Pauls Jonas, and the three Everts. Granddad, dad ans son :)

You can’t teach experience

An old Granddad shows some boys how to ride. Some of the spectators can’t believe their eyes… Funny shit xD

Deano looking for a Bike

Here we have some footage from Dean Wilsons Youtube Channel, where he is testing Bikes for 2018. Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and his Husqvarna. Will be interesting to see with what he’ll line up for Anaheim 1 in 2019 :)

Dungey preparing for RBSR

Red Bull Straight Rythm. Tomorow is the race. 2 strokes only. Villopoto, Dungey and a lot of other big names in the pits. Here we have a video of Dungey while preparing for the event.

Deano 1 Lap Full Throttle

Sounds fast, looks fast, is fast. What a shame that this guy has no ride for 2019. Sounds a little bit like Barcia :)