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2017 Aus-X Open Final

Here we have the final race of the Australian Open 2017. Wilson, Ferris, Brrayton, Andersond and other big names at the gate.

Ricky Carmichael vs Ronnie Mac

Their beef startet on twitter and got heatet up more and more the nearer the race came. Finally they had to race each other. Here it is :)

Darryn Durham

Darryn Durham + dirt bit + cool locations + musik

Belgian Vintage Motocross

No big races at the moment. Here we have some footage from the belgian vintage motocross. Great riding on that old bikes :)

Win and Fail Compilation

A nice motocross win and fail compilation in this. To bad there are no big races till Anaheim 1 in January..

Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2017

Watch the RedBull Straight Rythm 2015 live and for free. Villipoto, Reed, Musquin, Alessi, Hill on the Alta Redshift and lot’s of other fast riders at the gate.

Barcia @ MEC 2017

In this Justin Barcia is followed by a Camera for the whole event. Here we have 11 minute video material from the Monster Energy Cup 2017.

Monster Energy Cup 2017 full replay

Watch the full Monster Energy Cup 2017. 3 races – win all 3 and get the 1.000.000$. Tomac, Gajser, Andersen, Musquin, Barcia on his Honda and lots of other heavy hitters at the gate.

Justin Barcia – the new privateer

Justin Barcia is doing his own thing at the Monster Energy Cup 2017. Hope he does well on his sick Honda. Hope he keeps it on two wheels and gets a podium spot.

Australian Supercross Championship Round 2 Main Event – 2017

Here we have Round two of the 2017 Supercross Championship from Australia. Justin Brayton and some other well known riders at the gate. Enjoy :)